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  • The 3 Most Important Marketing Questions

  • The details and complexities of marketing can be very difficult, especially as a business grows. However, any business small or large must answer three basic questions when beginning or reviewing their marketing efforts. These questions can save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of wasted effort. Anyone that cannot answer these three marketing questions about their business needs to figur[...]
  • The Idea vs The Execution

  • Good ideas never seem to be in short supply. Granted, bad ideas are every bit as prevalent - however, almost anyone can hit on a good idea of some sort in their professional lifetime. Great ideas are rare. Great ideas can change fortunes, alter futures and make history. The execution of ideas, whether it be in business or in life, is also key to success. Having a reputation of excellent execution [...]
  • The Emotional Hook

  • Marketing is all about the emotional hook. Always. Every time... Ok, fine, there are many other details and small things that go into successful marketing. However, on its most basic level - good marketing makes you feel something. Marketing is all about the hook. Why does someone choose Coke over Pepsi? Why do I own so many apple products? How have Michael Jordan and Kevin Bacon convinced m[...]