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  • Good Design Is...

  • Recently, I rewatched a documentary by Gary Hustwit titled "Objectified" on Netflix. This was the first time I had watched the film since my days in design school. After watching the film, I was struck with how powerful the interview with Dieter Rams (German Industrial Designer for Braun) was. He mentioned ten principles that make good design, pinpointing that design is not just looking good, b[...]
  • When Less is More, the Art of Minimal Design

  • What is Minimal Design? Minimal design is simply design where the designer's intent is to expose the essence or identity of the design through eliminating all non-essential type, imagery, elements, or colors. Minimalism is any design or style where the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect. Often containing large amounts of white space where the eye can rest. Why[...]
  • What are Branding Standards?

  • In one of my previous post I talked about the Importance of Branding Standards. I have since received a few questions as to what is included in branding guidelines. What follows is a simple list of the basic elements every brand guideline should have. Please scroll down to download my Brand Standards Template so you can easily create your own. *Note: This is a simplified version of branding sta[...]