Avoiding the Comfort Zone

We as human beings generally like routine. Routine is comfortable, it’s easy, it has expectations that are always met. When changes come along; when we have to take a new route to work because of construction, when we forget our wallet and have to skip lunch, when we run out of gas because we got so distracted by the construction reroute on the way to work in the morning, we forgot to stop and refuel – we aren’t comfortable anymore. The comfort zone is difficult to leave on purpose, like climbing out of a warm bed into the cold morning air. However, if we live forever in the comfort zone, we resign ourselves to mediocrity.

Recently, I’ve found myself in a comfort zone more often than I’d like in my marketing efforts – both personally and professionally. I’m more comfortable consuming content and learning material than producing it, even though I gain more personally when I write and research. Sometimes, it’s easier to surf the internet or social media than it is to contribute to it meaningfully. Additionally, it’s less risky to stick to ‘tried and true’ marketing methods than it is to innovate. I’ve felt as though I’m slacking, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Never get too comfortable. Don’t ‘mail it in’. Stop just buying ad spots, sending email blasts, running the radio or tv ad that’s been in rotation for the past year. Change! Review! Correct! Rethink! There is always something new to try, a technique that needs discovering, a tool that needs understanding. Learn something new today, find where you are feel comfortable and change it, ask a co-worker or friend to tell you a weakness you have, and fix it.

Never stop learning.