Adwin: Allstate’s The Worlds Worst Cleaning Lady

The Ad

Allstate continues it’s “Protected from Mayhem” ad campaign with “The Worlds Worst Cleaning Lady”. This is another is a long series of ads starring Mayhem demonstrating scenarios where insurance would help protect the viewer from dealing with the damage. 30 Rock’s “Hey Dummy” beeper guy stars and seems to really get into his role as the worst-case scenario.

The Win

The best ads are memorable, intelligent, understandable and most importantly – keep the focus on what they are trying to sell you. It’s harder that it seems, and Allstate hits on all those notes with this ad. Mayem’s expression just before falling down the stairs? Priceless. The injury displayed on screen during the last few seconds of the ad helps drive home it’s memorability. Also, anyone looking for a great Halloween costume this year, I’d like to humbly suggest this cleaning lady version of Mayhem. Home run. The only weakness of the ad is that it’s scenario – a cleaning lady that gets injured while on-the-job, causing the homeowner potential financial obligations unless they are covered by insurance – has somewhat limited impact. However, the ad is only one of a series and Mayhem does have scenarios that fit most demographics.